Covid Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace and Peace in the name of Christ our Lord!  I give thanks for each of you and the time we have joined together for in-person worship this summer.  It has been a blessing to my life. With the uncertainty the COVID-19 virus and with a desire for intentionality, our Church Council has developed a three phase ministry plan: 

- Plan A – Virtual Ministry (goes into effect when Coffee County has 225 active cases, if there is an outbreak in our congregation, we will immediately go into Plan A, and we will also follow the EMA’s guidelines)

- Plan B – Limited In-Person Ministry (Current protocol)

- Plan C – Expanded In-Person Ministry (Once there is reduced community threat)

We are currently in Plan B. This means that we will hold in-person worship with social distancing and recomended mask usage.  We will not have Sunday School because social distancing cannot be maintained in many of our class rooms.  Your class is welcome to call the church office and schedule a time to meet in one of our larger rooms. We are holding children and youth ministry in a safe manner with the use of masks wearing and social distancing. We are not serving food during this time.  The HUB is scheduled to start on September 2nd, however we will only have classes and discipleship ministry. Will will not have supper as part of the HUB ministry until further notice. 

Coffee County comes to the point where we have 225 active cases then we will move into Plan A.  We hope that we do not have to move to Plan A.  However, if it becomes necessary, our staff has a program ministry plan for each of these ministry plans so that we can continue with the vital ministry of our church. 

Please call the church office if you have questions about this process and our desire to ensure the safety of our congregation. 


Grace and Peace,


Dr. Olivia Poole